Managing Rooms

There is no restriction on the number of rooms you can add. We've created a default room called "Unassigned." This room cannot be modified or deleted. Any item that isn't assigned to a room defaults to "Unassigned."

Can I delete and/or create my own rooms?

You sure can! The only room you can't modify or delete is the "Unassigned" room. Any items assigned to a previously deleted room will move into the "Unassigned" room.

Can I edit a room name?

When you're on the main room page, simply click on the room name and modify the name in the textbox.

What happens if I delete a room?

Any items assigned to the room you delete will default to the "Unassigned" room. You can set the item's room afterwards.

Can I assign multiple rooms per item?


Is there a limit as to how many items I can assign per room?


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